Take Life One Day at a time.

With a road map in hand.

Ah, a picture of home.
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acoustic guitar, adjuctant faculty, adult learning, aikido, and going to university., archery, backpacking, backpacking europe, baseball, basketball, being a fire fighter, being a grad student, being a paramedic, being a teacher, being an eastsider, being episcopal, being single, bellevue, bushido, calvin and hobbes, camping in the olympics, camping near leavenworth, cats, comics, cooking, cooking great meals, day trading, dreaming, drooling over grace park, emt, europe, fishing, football, former fire officer, fws, gardening, going to university, ground fighting, gs-04-0455, having fun, hiking, holidays., horseback riding, horsepacking, hosteling, hot chocolate, html, instant messaging, ireland, israel, journaling., learning, live music, making a difference, making lots of overtime, medical school, minnesota, montana, mountain biking, movies, music, national parks, nps, nursing, on a whim, outdoor photography, owning a small business, paramedic, park ranger, phdcomics, photography, pisces, public health, reading, red cross, resident fire fighter, robert frost, running my own business, shakespeare, shopping for books, shopping for electronics, snow skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles, soldier, stock market, swimming, tactical medic, tea, teaching, the band live, theatre, travel, traveling in mexico, university student, us fws, usace, volunteering, walking outside, water skiing, working, working out, working outside, writing, zoo
Jason = Dork
Age: 24
Born: Seattle
Raised: Puget Sound
Location: U.S. Central Time Zone

Occupation: Student - Fire Fighter/Paramedic
Status: Single
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Smell: Evergreens after rain.